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From: Ken Calhoun, President
Daytrading University
Date: Thursday, 10:37 am
Colorado Springs, CO
Dear Trader,

f you like keeping your trading life simple by specializing in trading just a handful of strong-moving ETFs, then this can be one of the most important trading messages you'll read all year.  If you don't have a lot of time to scan for different stocks to trade constantly, then trading the ETFs (which trade exactly like stocks) can help you trade the broad market indexes, or specific sectors instead... keeping it easy to trade.
Knowing how to trade ETFs is a "must-have" trading skill that can give you a huge advantage — because they don't gap up or down significantly overnight (unlike stocks), reducing your risk... plus they are widely traded on high volume. This liquidity makes them perfect for both day and swing trading, once you know how it all works.

  Here's What This Is All About:
    From one hard-working trader to another, I'm pleased to be able to share my best ETF entry and exit strategies with you in my ETF Mastery release. In fact, you'll see nearly 9 full action-packed hours of actual ETF step by step trading tactics that I use in my own real trades, fully explained with charts so you can watch how to use this powerful indicator immediately. The running time is an amazing 8 hours 42 minutes...

Perfect for Active Day and Swing ETF traders!
     This 6-DVD system has been created from a series of very popular webinars I did for my Daytrading University traders in 2010 and is definitely a "must get" 6-DVD system for your trading library. You'll be impressed at the thoughftul accuracy and detailed instructions (with dozens of chart examples) you'll be learning from in ETF Mastery. The tactics are ideal for our current 2014 markets as well -- it's all about patterns.

     It's ideal for day and swing trading, as it covers examples of all styles, including both single and triple-leveraged 3x ETFs for active traders. You'll want to study it carefully before putting on your very next trade, because it can help you learn how a trader with many years of real trading experience trades the ETFs... and now it's your turn.

 I strongly believe that you should give preference to learning from industry experts who can
PROVE that a) they really trade current markets and b) are capable of making successful real trades,
like you see here in this recent example of a modest win in TZA:

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Here's an example of live real trading wins I made in my short ETFs
using the strategies I show you in ETF Mastery™ (it's great to play breakouts like this):

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No claims are being made that you can or will make trades similar to the ones I'm able to make;
generally-expected customer results are that all traders will lose capital and do not become profitable; active trading
is a high-risk, speculative activity that is not suitable for most people. Learn how to trade from a real trader.

What's the "Edge" That ETF Mastery Delivers?

Your ETFMastery Advantage
: I've tested out hundreds of strategies with small-share trades in my own trading
accounts so I've SHOWED You how to use the same strategies for yourself, once you order your ETF Mastery system today.

Why Trading ETFs In Addition To (or Instead of) Stocks Can
Give You A Big Potential Trading Advantage — Fast!
Trading ETFs Can Be Safer Than Stocks... Because There's Never Any Significant Overnight Gaps
      That's right...if you check the charts for top-traded ETFs like SPY, QQQQ, FAZ, FAS, DXD, QID and others, you'll see that I'm right... there's never any significant up or down gap from one day to another. Usually, the ETFs will make minor gaps up or down depending on the premarket futures direction; I teach you how to leverage this important "trading gap" pattern in the ETF Mastery System.

     I've put my own real money on the line regularly with real trades — and I've tested out my techniques for using the ETFs as a core part of my trading portfolio, because I like to swing and day trade the ETFs every week. Now I've finally gotten it down to the point where I feel comfortable releasing this ETF Mastery 6-DVD trading system to show you exactly how I really trade the ETFs.

Trading ETFs Can Help Simplify Your Trading Life... Because This "Scan-Free" Strategy Is Easy!

     As a working day and swing trader, I am constantly scanning for which stocks are breaking out. One thing that simplifies my trading life considerably is that I put my ETF tickers into their own portfolio quotebox, which makes it much easier to see "what's moving" each morning.

On days where I don't have the time or energy to manually scan through hundreds of stocks, I can still always trade my ETFs, because I know their ATRs (average trading ranges), pivot areas... and more importantly, my new proprietary entry and exit signals, that are easy to spot once you know what to look for.

  It's a great way to still be in the market and trade, even just swing trading, because knowing a handful of 5-10 ETFs and how to trade them, is all you need.  You'll be learning how it all works once you order your own ETF Mastery system.

Trading ETFs the ETF Mastery Way Can Show You How To Make a Big Difference In Your Trades

     The entry and exit strategies you'll be learning about in ETF Mastery have been given to you "on a silver platter", because they're easily explained using widescreen DVD video technology, so you'll see how it works, fast. And we don't use an overwhelming flood of indicators that cause confusion and missed entries.

Instead, you'll be shown exactly how to look through the top ETF charts anytime you want to put on a trade, and how to set your entries, exits and stops explained step by step, so that you can see "over my shoulder" how to trade these for yourself.

In working with thousands of traders since 1999, I've found that there are subtle, yet powerful differences between those traders that "get it" and have a better potential for becoming successful, and those that do not. You'll be seeing how I include these differences of how to trade the different chart patterns, revealed exclusively in the ETF Mastery trading system.... fact, I've distilled years of knowledge working with many traders into a "blueprint" you can use to help guide your own trading activity, explained so that it all makes sense. It's just that good, and can potentially help make a big difference in your trades, as it accelerates your learning for step by step ETF trading.


You'll See Exactly How To Trade These Amazing ETF Mastery™
High-Probability Trading Setups — With Actual Trade Walkthroughs

Remember: Only buy trading systems from people who can prove, with actual brokerage P&Ls, that they really trade.
This is important because many trading industry vendors are "faking it" and aren't even actual traders. Require proof.
That's one reason why many traders are losing, unneccessarily— because they trust the phony vendors out there; buying
trading systems from people who aren't even actual traders. Don't trust the vendor hype or false promises. Be careful.

Now for the good stuff... let's take a closer look at the DVDs you'll be getting with your ETF Mastery system:  

DVD #1: "ETF Swingtrading Secrets - Part One"

Running time: 1 hour, 4 minutes

In this first DVD, you'll be shown step by step trading setups for swing trading ETFs, including:

  • How to scan for the strongest ETFs to trade each day
  • What to look for before the opening bell, to help determine directional bias for the market
  • How to set swing trading entries and exits
  • Type of specific chart patterns to look for before putting on your next ETF trade
  • Risk and money management strategies for swing trading ETFs


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DVD #2: "ETF Swingtrading Secrets - Part Two"

In this second DVD, you'll be shown step by step trading setups for swing trading ETFs, including:

  • How to combine ADX with breakout and pivot patterns for swing trades
  • Strategies for setting Entries and Exits using major and minor cup patterns on swing trading ETF charts
  • Setting entry triggers using "outside" days vs inside day ranges (including advanced tips)
  • How to enter using "High Volume Close" patterns and manage exits with 2-day high/low price points
  • Personal Action Plan: how to develop a step by step trading plan based on what you've learned

Running time: 1 hour, 3 minutes


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DVD #3: "Daytrading ETFs - Session One"

Running time: 1 hour, 49 minutes

This this third stunning DVD features ACTUAL Real ETF day trading examples captured live with our actual brokerage P&L trading workstation during live markets! This is an industry first... no more hypothetical bs like other ETF systems — instead you'll learn with this complete "live trading walkthrough" that reveals:

  • Realtime actual entries and exits fully "deconstructed" with buy-limit orders during realtime markets (and how to set entries)
  • Where to set stops, what patterns work best, and how to target the highest-probability ETF entries during an entire market open.
  • Practical "How to Enter & Exit" tactics, fully explained step-by-step with actual trades

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DVD #4: "Daytrading ETFs - Session Two"

The REAL ETF trading examples continue in DVD #4 with a new live market open and specific day trading ETF entries and exits completely explained step by step, so you'll see:

  • How to use professional "bracket" and "momentum doubler" entry tactics in live markets
  • Tactics for setting multiple entry triggers using specific cup and 2day high open range patterns
  • How to use advanced "Tape Reading" skills for ETF day trading (another industry first - exclusive!)
  • Real trades entered and exited, with brokerage "over the shoulder" POV/point of view footage captured from my trading workstation, so you'll see exactly how to manage your ETF trades like a pro.

Running time: 1 hour, 44 minutes


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DVD #5: "How to Trade the Short 'Bear' ETFs"

Running time: 1 hour, 9 minutes

Your trading "how to" instruction continues in this must-see DVD #5, which specializes in exactly how to trade the short ETFs (such as FAZ, SDS, QID, TZA, VXX and others). You'll discover:

  • How to buy and sell the short ETFs for day and swing trades during times where the market is selling off.
  • Strategies for combining candle patterns, cups and multi-day charts for easily scanning to set your entries and exits.
  • How to scale up in position sizing for multiple entries during breakouts in short ETFs
  • Managing risk and setting specific stops

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BONUS!   You Also Get DVD #6: "3-Day Power Pivots" 

This exclusive bonus DVD reveals our new proprietary "3-Day Power Pivot" trading strategy, which is ideal for consolidating markets and short-term ETF swing trades:

  • How to enter and exit ETF trades inside 3-day round trips for volatile and choppy ETFs.
  • Countermeasures to avoid false breakouts.
  • How to scale use premarket futures and other easy-to-read patterns to determine market bias before the opening bell (plus how to trade using this)
  • Candle patterns for 3-day swing trades, and how to combine them with Western momentum trade signals every time you trade
  • Step by step trade management "trading plan" tactics to use for entries, stops, exits and position sizing using this powerful new trading technique.

Running time: 1 hour, 36 minutes


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Total running time in these 6 professionally-authored widescreen region-free DVDs: 505 minutes
You get this entire "ETF seminar-in-a-box" with a full 8 hours, 42 minutes of training.

... it's a "must have" ETF trading system for active traders.


ETF Mastery — The Widescreen DVD Advantage And How It Works:
     These 6 high-quality DVDs are shipped by's Createspace division, and can be viewed in any region DVD player on your television or pc.... you'll get 6 actual professionally-authored widescreen DVDs shipped to you (even includes free shipping worldwide), in stunning widescreen format that you can watch on your home television set, sitting comfortably in your couch or recliner... another ETF Mastery advantage!

Fortunately for you, ETF Mastery is NOT hard-to-see cheap screencaptures on cds that you have to hunch over your computer monitor to watch (like other systems), or dvds made by non-traders, nor a download that can be lost if your hard drive crashes.

Instead, ETF Mastery is a REAL, physical region-free 6-DVD trading system that you'll be getting, featuring genuine training from a top trading industry professional.

Come on, think about it.... for less than the price of a few blown trades, you can add this powerful 6-DVD training system to your knowledge and potentially start avoiding costly stops, and discover how a veteran trader enters and exits actual ETF trades it's just that easy!

...and it's easy to order your personal ETF Mastery 6-DVD System — created by actual award-winning trader Ken Calhoun, President of, one of the trading industry's most-trusted sites for active traders.

  What do I get in the ETF Mastery Trading System?
  We've designed ETF Mastery (tm) to be the finest ETF trading system ever made available to active traders. Once you order, you'll receive a complete system designed to help you learn everything you need to know.

You get a full 6 high-quality professionally mastered widescreen DVDs that you can watch either on your home TV set's dvd player or on your pc, packed with a full 8 hours and 42 minutes of trading tactics — it's like being at a live full-day seminar for less than half the price, that you can keep forever.

  How is the ETF Mastery Trading System different from other ETF courses?
  More than just videos, ETF Mastery is a complete DVD coaching system with widescreen professional DVDs.

What's unique is that it covers both breakout and pivot trading for day and swing traders, so you can use the "best of both worlds" to learn powerful entry and exit tactics.

And you know it's useful because it's been carefully developed by Ken Calhoun, a widely-respected actual real trader who's been featured in CBS,, Active Trader and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodites Magazine, who's also a speaker at the expos, among other places. Widely read and trusted by thousands of traders, he has credibility since he's also a real trader.
  Can I play these in my television set's DVD player, or are they only for watching on the pc?

  Unlike competitors' ETF overpriced courses that come on cheap video-cd computer only type discs, these are region-free genuine widescreen professionally authored DVDs and can be enjoyed on your home television set using your the same regular DVD player you use to watch movies with, in addition to also being playable on your computer — another ETF Mastery advantage.

The benefit to this is that you don't need to be uncomfortably hunched over a computer monitor sitting in an office chair to learn; I'd recommend watching while on your couch, relaxing with a cool beverage and seeing in "full life" video on your tv/home theatre system... even taking notes if you wish.. It's a much more relaxing and effective way to learn how to trade.
  Why should I trust you? Are you a genuine trader, or just one of those salesman 'vendors'?
In addition to being well-recognized with my award-winning trading systems and frequent appearances at the Moneyshow Traders' Expos, articles in TASC and Active Trader Magazine, and other financial media... I'm a genuine trader, and am (like many of you) somebody who learned how to trade the 'hard way' over many years of entries and exits in thousands of trades, before I finally figured out how to trade.

So you're learning from a man who's a well respected genuine trader (not just some wannabe-vendor like the copycats who've 'borrowed' my ideas over the years). I've earned the trust of thousands of traders (see all the video and other testimonials at by doing things right.
  What's the End User License Agreement (EULA) I agree to with the ETF Mastery System?
Because the proprietary information included in ETF Mastery is exclusively for system owners, you hereby agree to keep the tactics you'll be learning complete private, and not share or otherwise distribute, discuss or otherwise make these strategies available to others... they're for your private use only. Also this is sold with a non-transferable End-User License Agreement (EULA) and by purchasing this you hereby agree to not resell nor give away nor otherwise redistribute these DVDs in any manner whatsoever, which is expressly and specifcally prohibited under this sales agreement, to which you hereby agree to in its entirety, by placing your order. You hereby agree to waive any first-sale doctrine rights by purchasing this and agree that it is licensed for your personal use only and that you will remain the end user of the media and content you receive and will not resell nor redistribute either the content or its media in any format, shape or means nor on any website, forum nor other site.
  Is there any webinars included or can I email you with questions?
  No, at this low price we are not providing webinars, nor can we answer trader questions via email. The training is very professionally produced and shows you step by step how to trade ETFs, so there is no need for anything beyond getting access to the entire 6-DVD system. You agree to not email us nor contact us for anything once ordering, as that's not included. You get all 6 DVDS, that's the system.

We used to offer this system at a $1297 price point with webinars when it first launched in 2011-2012 (and it was popular, for good reason), however we realize that nowadays a lot of traders want "just the main training" so that's why we're offering this DVD-only standalone system, at a significant discount.
  These are several years old, are the patterns and strategies still useful?
  Yes! This was originally done just a few years ago in 2010. The good news is that the trading patterns and entry/exit/scanning and trade management techniques you'll be learning about are perfectly fine for our markets here in 2014; I trade ETFs this year using the same exact strategies you'll be learning about in the ETF Mastery system. Why? Because the entry/exit and "how to" trade skills and methods are exactly the same... and very useful.
  What are the Terms of Sale for the ETF Mastery System?
  All sales are final; content is for educational, noncommercial personal use only. You agree to not use this as part of any commercial trading seminar nor other for-profit usage.
  Why do You Show PREVIEWS of Your DVDs on the site here ? Most others don't do that.
I want you to see authentic previews before you decide to order ETF Mastery, so that you can see the astonishing broadcast-quality video and advanced, street-wise "mechanics" of trading that you'll be learning in each DVD. Many other trading videos in the industry have amatuerish powerpoint video, done by people who can't even trade, so they don't show previews of their videos because their videos are not very good (to put it mildly).

Tip: don't buy any trading videos from people who refuse you show you online videos previews of the content (what are they trying to hide? why won't they show you even a sample of what you're paying for, like I do?), and don't buy from those who can't prove, with brokerage screencaps, that they actually trade.

Ask yourself — how often have you been disappointed by a trading course you bought from some so-called "guru", only to find it shockingly overpriced, amateurishly simplistic, and not specific enough to be able to actually use in your own trades? (all hands should go up here). That's because most people selling trading systems can't show you the advanced mechanics of actual trading and broker screencaps of real trades, because they're what I call "shovel-sellers"; they're often not working traders like I am. So they don't show preview videos, since they don't have good content that's worth paying for. Demand previews and P&L blotters from all trading vendors before handing over your hard-earned money. Most are bs-ers, not real traders.

In contrast, as a genuine trader (and former corporate trainer, who's got the chops to actually Show you how to trade), I'm quite proud to show you actual real video clip examples of every single DVD here, so you can see the high quality of what you're getting. It's a great way to be transparent and reveal honest actual previews of the quality of training you'll be getting once you order your ETF Mastery system and start putting it to work for yourself.
Learn from a Genuine Trader Who Has Been Trusted by Thousands of Traders since '99

     I'm a real trader, learning from someone who actually trades is a big difference. With over 8,100 traders trained since 1999, Daytrading University is a premium active traders' choice for those who want to learn from an authentic trader. Why is this important?

Because a little-known "dirty little secret" of the trading industry is that many of the people selling trading systems don't even trade, so you shouldn't trust them without seeing some verification that a) they're real traders and b) they're capable of making winning trades — it matters.

Unlock powerful new strategies from a trusted trader for your own ETF trades.    It can literally shave years off your learning curve as a trader to "look over the shoulder" of an actual trader and learn the "ins and outs" of how to trade ETFs with potentially greater precision and accuracy.

You'll be learning my best ETF day and swing trading strategies (which can be used for any timeframe, up to a few weeks in duration for round trips), to help you accelerate your trading skills - fast. The key is to see the differences between how you're currently trading, and how you should be trading.

I'll show you exactly how to do this in the ETF Mastery trading system... all at your fingertips once you order now.

Who Is Ken Calhoun?

Ken Calhoun is President of Daytrading, and (with Steve Nison). Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry awards and critical acclaim from traders around the world for his professional trading systems.

Featured in leading trade publications and events including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Active Trader Magazine, Moneyshow's Traders Expos,, and CBS, Ken has been a popular figure in the active trading scene for over a decade, and has co-produced two bestselling stock trading DVD systems with Steve Nison.


Although He's a UCLA Grad and Former Corporate Quality Engineer, Discovering How To Trade Still Took Him YEARS to "Get It Right"...And Now He Trades ETFs Every Single Week
Like Clockwork — He'll Show YOU How In ETF Mastery...

Ken will tell you he made every mistake in the book (and then some) on the path to learning how to trade correctly. Now he's able to make winning ETFs trades, thanks to meticulous testing and experimenting to find out what works best, updated for each week's markets. As a former corporate quality engineer and statistician, dozens of Fortune 500 companies (including Ford, McDonnell Douglas, Sheraton, Chevron and Rockwell International) relied on him to help them improve operations and "the numbers"... he took this experience to help him learn how to trade, and he's thrilled with what he's learned.

Ken reveals these tactics in the ETF Mastery trading system for active traders, so you can learn everything he's tested out with hundreds of actual trades he's done.

As an internationally published business management consultant, Ken previously trained over 31,000 people in over 147 companies worldwide. He took his profits from his successful consulting career and discovered the world of active stock trading, where he's been working to help other traders use precision, advanced trading strategies in their trades.

Ken's Daytrading University site has been trusted by over 8,100 traders worldwide to learn how to swing and day trade stocks, and is considered a premiere resource for active traders. He has interviewed Brian Tracy, Toni Turner, Dr. Van K. Tharp, Larry Levin, Steve Nison, Kathy Lien, Boris Schlossberg, Dr. Doug Hirschhorn and others and is a popular, sought-after seminar speaker and industry figure with credibility.

Unlike the majority of people in the trading industry, Ken is a genuine trader and has helped thousands of traders since 1999, when he first founded Daytrading University.

Trader comments — What Savvy Traders Are Saying:

Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients; testimonials are no guarantee of future performance nor success; no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.

July 30, 10:21AM

"Hi Ken, I am interested in learning how to trade ETF's, and I only want to learn from someone who actually trades successfully, and YOU are one of the very few trading teachers who is a REAL trader! I've been following you and Steve Nison for years now, and you guys are the best. I'm really looking forward to your webinar on Saturday. Keep up all the great work, and thanks!" - Sincerely, Eliot B.

July 29, 9:23PM

"Thank you - you always pack a great deal of useful info into your demos... I can't wait to get the full set." - Stuart M.

July 29, 8:58PM

"ETFs have been on my watch list. I am glad that you decided to make available your trading system for ETFs. Proven systems are a money saver. Thanks for given back to the Trading community." - Bobby P.

July 29, 1:27PM

"Regarding your new series "ETF Mastery" and this new video "ETF Trading" you are once again at the top of your game. Ken you are a "Master" and a genius as far as I am concerned. You trade the way I believe is the way we all should be trading now. I know folks have their own trading styles but trading ETFs now is just the right amount of hedging and it can be done in either direction! And you show us how! You just cannot beat this method.

With your tools and the experience you have gleaned over the years you make an excellent teacher and give more pointers and hints that you just do not find anywhere else, and this series seems to have it all. Bravo Ken Calhoun! I will be a forever fan, follower and fellow trader." - Laura F.

Reply from Ken:  Hey Laura... what can I say, but Thank you... your enthusiasm and encouragement is much appreciated, as always. It's great to hear your thoughtful comments and positive thoughts. It's emails like this that "make my day", from one trader to another.

July 28, 10:02PM

"Ken very informative video, I liked your tactics for 2 day breakout patterns and using cups to enter positions." - Edward B.

July 28, 8:09PM

"your inside/outside entries are astute and astounding...I can't wait for more!" - Tom S.

July 28, 3:41PM

"I think this is the real "meat and potatoes" I've been looking for. I am a current 14DVD Ken Calhoun Steve Nison Trading System owner....That system has proved to be worth every cent spent. I feel the ETF Mastery System will be the "icing on the cake". Ken Calhoun is the real deal and I feel that he really cares about our success as traders. This is rare these days... I am looking forward for another advance in my trading career." James B.

Reply from Ken:  Thanks for the kind words, James. I appreciate your trust and loyalty, and am glad the training you've gotten has been valuable for you. Thanks for ordering, and welcome aboard as the very first ETF Mastery system owner... (you're the very first one to get your order in, congratulations!).

July 25, 10:35PM

"It looks excellent." - Owen M.

July 25, 3:15PM

"Thanks. Preview videos are very good at showing that you know your stuff and can teach it. Some of the information is new and I will add it to my trading. Some was just enough to be intriguing... Smart! Thank you!" - Brenda O.

Reply from Ken:Thanks, Brenda - much appreciated. Glad to hear you like my teaching style and actual trading experience I can share with these brief video previews. That's the purpose of the video clips, to show a glimpse of the quality, depth and professionalism of the video training that's on the 6 DVDs (without giving away all the strategies). Plus, they can encourage interest and develop credibility with potential system owners such as yourself, to show you that ETF Mastery is well worth getting.

July 24, 9:27PM

"I trade only the QQQQ. Will this help me?" - Stan R.

Reply from Ken: Hi Stan, thanks for your interest. And yes, definitely ETF Mastery is specifically designed for ETF traders such as yourself — the strategies are all "tailor made" for ETFs like the QQQQs, so if you solely trade the QQQQs you'll find plenty of useful tips and strategies in ETF Mastery that can be a big help for both day and swing trading the QQQQs.

July 25, 10:35AM

"Nice overview of some key elements of effectively trading ETFs. Identifies some key issues for ETF day and swing traders... Thank you. It was worthwhile viewing." - Gary B.

July 22, 8:10PM

"Definitely raises my interest in the program" - Ron P.

July 22, 7:32PM

"Your videos are doing a great job of promoting what appears to be a strong program. The graphics are awesome." - Larry R.

July 22, 6:40PM

"Your tips help to keep me focused on only high probability trades. Thanks"
- Jim G.

July 22, 6:44PM

"Good detail packed into a brief video - enough to show there is more meat to be had, and just enough to pique one's interest" - Sean M.

July 22, 5:39PM

"I'm a swing trader, but lately the markets have pushed me to do quite a bit of daytrading. I'm always looking for new ways to spot the trend early. Looks like an excellent course!" - Bonnie

July 22, 5:11PM

"As always your instructions and direction is always on the MONEY..Thanks again- you are still the Man." - Bob S.

July 22, 4:44PM

"An outstanding ETF focused group of informative lessons to teach an individual the steps to actively trade this market. Comprehensive, informative, and on target lessons to hit the trading world and be armed with the right tools. One can develop a great trading plan and specific trading strategies by applying this course. Congratulations to you Ken and your staff." - Jerry E.

Reply from Ken: Thanks, Jerry. You hit the nail on the head with what you're saying about "specific trading strategies". That's one area I've spent a lot of time on with ETF Mastery, to make it extremely specific and detailed... since many ETF courses I've seen are vague and don't reveal the mechanics of how an actual trader enters and exits, as I show traders with ETF Mastery. Specifics are what separate professionals from the amateur ETF courses out there. Thanks for noticing!

July 22, 4:51PM

"You have really made this a must have." - C.B.

July 22, 3:53PM

"Ken's teaching is spot-on. His step-by-step training in the cup and handle pattern will amaze you. You will know exactly when and where to pull the trigger!" - Janice C.

July 22, 3:45PM

"Ken, great video. What I appreciated most about the video was that you teach multiple criteria entries. What I mean by that is before considering pulling the trigger and entering an ETF position that ETF trade should meet multiple minimum criteria. IE: Trend, ADX >30, and confirming Candle stick patterns on charts with different time frames. For me that translates into:"Be Picky, pass on more trades..." All the Best, Mario P.

Reply from Ken: Good insights, Mario... exactly right — as any winning professional trader does, it's important to have several criteria that are met before each trade is made. Being more picky and passing on more trades is a key to success; plus being able to quickly and easily know which 3-4 indicators to use that improve the odds of success.... Then, putting on those trades (only). That's one of the main approaches traders are taught in ETF Mastery, is showing the specific technical step-by-step setups that give traders the exact "trade vs no-trade" criteria they can use in their ETF trades.

July 22, 3:26PM

"What I liked best was how you explaned the enrteries into the cup pattern handles for day and swing trading...I continue to watch every one of your webniar events and always pick something up that I missed...Ken thank you for sharing your knowledge with us." - Greg J.

July 22, 1:43PM

"Looks like great material. I think ETFs are the way to go, so many choices for long short and ultras, I dont think I can lose learning from a real trader like Ken." - Randy H.

July 22, 11:59AM

"Great! Every trader should own this program." - Perry S.

July 22, 12:03PM

"Ken, these are great, same great content quality I have come to expect from you!" Sheldon B.

July 22, 11:24AM

"great full detailed examples...followed w/good suggestive trading plan concepts." - Dennis D.

July 22, 9:29AM

"Hi Ken. I always appreciate your straightforward approach to teaching about the markets." - Jay Z.

July 22, 9:49AM

"The videos wet my appetite to see what is coming next!" - Donald G.

July 22, 10:31AM

"look for this buy here sell here, what to look for and how time frame, what charts lines time frame... on and on good stuff" - Jim S.

July 22, 10:45AM

"I like the simplicity of the system. It will be a good money maker after learning the system." - Mohammad K.

July 22, 8:44AM

"I liked the way you explained the points to consider to become a successful trader. Every trader should be aware of their own trading style that suits them, and form a plan about entries and exits and trailing stops, technical analysis, candle formations, S/R, position sizing, trade management etc. All these points hit the point home that one really need to understand him/her self and have solid trading plan without which it is a recipe for disaster. I am anxiously waiting for these videos, to learn from experienced trader and improve my skills. Thanks". - Imtiaz

Reply from Ken: Hi Imtiaz, I agree with you — especially what you say about needing a specific trading plan that's followed, using all the techniques is important... good points, thanks!

July 22, 8:38AM

"I want to really learn how to trade ETF's, cause they almost never gap, and you can trade them like you do stocks. I like to swing trade, so learning how to scan the list of a few ETF with high ATR would be great. And of course, having a plan to follow each and everytime would be great." - Penny F.

July 22, 8:51AM

"I like the preview very well. It is to the point and represent the material very good." - Ridha N.

July 22, 2:10AM

"All your webinars are very interesting and informative, what I have seen in your ETF info seems brilliant, it looks like a winner to me." - Jean F.

July 22, 8:11AM

"Like always a high quality product from Ken. Nothing more to say than Wow..." - Jens-Frode

July 22, 2:10AM

"I always look forward to watching your videos, they offer the best instruction." - David V.

July 22, 12::53AM

"I really like your ETF Mastery System video preview and and I find them a valuable resource for successful trading. Simple accurate and profitable signals explained and extremely useful for traders. Thanks for the guidance!" - Sergey S.

July 21, 11:54PM

"This video surpassed your normal high standards. Totally packed with great ideas...You are one of a select few who share useful and easy to utilize tips (and without fancy proprietary software being required). Great video." - Ted R.

July 21, 11:03PM

"Looked at the video showing the gapping and the cups, looks like a great strategy. I also like the reversal signals off the shooting stars, hammers etc.
Thanks Ken." - Hugh M.

July 21, 11:01PM

"Everytime I get your material I learn something valuable to my trading. Really looking forward to this new course on the popular ETF's." - Dave D.

July 21, 5:40PM

"Thanks. very useful info well presented. Thank you." - Stuart M.

July 21, 5:40PM

"Looks like you have hit another home run with this one. I will be on the lookout for it's release. You have touched on something I am very interested in. As thorough as you are, it should be fabulous.." - Danny O.

July 21, 5:17PM

"Ken - This is my second year trading. After a good first year, I had a complete reversal this year and stopped trading for the summer. I've been reading and researching and I'm just about ready to return to the market after watching your videos about ETF's. I feel that I have a solid strategy now and I'm ready to "go back in". Thanks for the education you provide through your videos and interviews." - Helen G.

Reply from Ken: That's good to hear you're getting back into it; agree this summer has been relatively choppy and difficult... the key is learning strategies like 3-day pivots (covered in ETFMastery DVD #6) to take advantage of the brief, volatile runs we've been seeing lately, without getting chopped up during reversals and pivots. Glad to be of help; best wishes for success in getting back into trading this year!

July 21, 2:58PM

"This looks like an excellent series..." - John U.

July 21, 12:39PM

"Ken great video, I liked the tactics your using and how you enter and exit your positions." - Joe S.

July 21, 1:05PM

"Many thanks I mostly trade equity and forex your comments and all the information I got to day from your talk and video was great help...I got now made very serious note what I learnt today. While executing or completing a trade not to give back to market. Iam looking forward for the next session. Warm regards." -Chhota P.

July 21, 12:13PM

"very helpful in that it teaches me patience and the right time to pull the trigger.....also how to place stops to protect and to SCALE IN as it heads in the hoped direction....thanks" Peter P.

July 21, 11:25AM

"Knowledge is crucial or should I say correct, accurate knowledge at the right time is a winning combination...I appreciate your insights to the markets, especially in these more volatile days." - Steve D.

July 21, 11:49AM

"I like the combo of western technicals and candlesticks." - Art F.

July 21, 6:34AM

"It is very interesting techniques! It needs to be studied." Sergey L.

July 20, 6:22PM

"I think your information is useful also for stock index futures traders as I am" - Georgios P.

July 20, 5:58PM

"Ken explains very clearly and exactly how to get into and out of trades."
Phillip B.

July 20, 1:36PM

"Very interested to see more. All of your DVD's I have are very good."
Thanks, Bill H.

July 19, 12:46AM

"Hi Ken, your trading system is very objectively straightforward, i like it!" - Harry T.

July 18, 7:58PM

"Ken Calhoun leads you by the hand to hone your trading skills to a laser sharp focus. You will know what to trade, how to trade and when to trade. In short, you will be a success - you will make money." - Janice C.

July 18, 6:31PM

"Good little snipets on what its all about for trading ETFs. There is enough here to allow someone to be an effective day and/or swing trader of stocks/ETFs." - Larry D.

July 18, 2:48PM

"I like the tidbits of useful information. Enticing....Overall, all your stuff is top rate". - Leonard F.

July 18, 1:08PM

"Looks like you will qualify for the ETF Master of the ETF Masters." - Robert W.

July 18, 12:44PM

"Nice video that peaked my interest." - Chuck D.

July 18, 11:04PM

"I like the daily chart example in the video, although i do check the hourly, 30 minute 5 minutes...but i do realize that a lot of people/ videos out there most show like day charts..." - Jimmy H.

Reply from Ken: Hi Jimmy, right - that's one reason I've included many examples from multiple timeframes throughout ETF Mastery, to "match up" with different trading styles... it's a great idea to test out trade entries and exits using different timeframe charts, to see what works best for your trades.

July 18, 8:20AM

"I liked how you showed the use of the 2 day 1 minute chart and the 3 month 1 day chart. I liked both the two day charts and the cup pattern entries" - Edward C.

July 18, 3:48AM

"Wow! Well done Ken. This video really amazed me about the new way to look at a chart and how to prepare ourself before the opening bell rings" Kheng S.

July 18, 3:15AM

"when do you start positions and how often will you be wrong?" - Joe B.

Reply from Ken: Hi Joe, thanks. I start off many ETF positions as small-share swing trades, and then scale into them to build a position using trailing stops to close them out once they're in the money. For stop-outs, I like to stop out small, to be conservative, and then re-enter on breakouts. One of the advantages to this scale-in approach is that you can still have a relatively high rate of entries that don't quickly go in your favor, since stops and initial entries are modest. I don't have a fixed win percentage for you, since it depends on the type of market we have to work with; as a general rule, strong trending markets will produce higher win rates for scaled-in positions, while choppy markets have lower percentages. Smart question.

July 18, 2:48AM

"Swing trade ETF sounds great and I can't wait to see the rest of the system. Thanks Ken" David W.

July 18, 1:04AM

"Appreciate the practical suggestions as to which time frame charts to watch /use for swing, intra-day and position trading - this practical information is so useful." Pam T.

Reply from Ken: Hi Pam, thanks... you bring up a great point, which is that it's very important for traders to be able to quickly pull up a couple of different time interval charts (daily/intraday) to help confirm entries. Many traders get in on weak entries because they don't know how to master this skill — that's one core area that traders are trained in with the ETF Mastery system... because it can make a big difference.

July 17, 11:03PM

"Looks very interesting. I like the scaling into trades idea." Steve A.

July 17, 9:09PM

"Amazing insights at breakneck speed!" - Rick

July 17, 5:02PM

"I love the idea that someone is finally doing an ETF Program for short-term Traders and you are just the guy to do it. I love your passion and look forward to checking it out.." - Joy S.

July 17, 1:29PM

"The ETF Mastery Swing Secrets Part1 preview video looks very impressive. This entire package on ETF trading is a must have for any serious trader who wants to improve on their ETF strategy." - Richard L.

July 17, 1:46PM

"Good presentation Ken as usual---if your new course is as informative as your previous ones---it will be invaluable information." - Hal M.

July 17, 2:33PM

"I like the preview. I found you were showing more of the setups and less sales pitch. I like that. Thanks Ken you are one of the best out there." - Ridha N.

July 17, 12:38PM

"Many key points of trade plan, setup(s), positon size/scaling & exits... you could get a feel of the trade feature & how it would be covered w/the balance of the video clip on that trade feature. Thanks Ken." -Dennis D.

July 17, 12:36PM

"I think trading ETFs is a good way to protect yourself from a stock collapse like BP did on the oil leak. The reverse of that is the other day it shot up 3 points after they capped the leak. Being on the wrong side of the market will hurt your profits. Using ETFs will help protect someone from those big swings if caught on the wrong side of a stock. Using stops is always best like you teach already. Watching the ETF Mastery preview video I can see you are teaching users to get in small and built a base after they are making profits.

Using the 55 day chart is a good way to judge direction along with looking for breakouts. Using the 2 day ETFs like the SPY and QQQQ is a good way to tell what direction the markets may open. Also see you were teaching about inside days on them. I think your teachings are great. The best out there in the stock teaching community.

Overall I think the video preview is very nice...Thanks for your time and teachings. You are a credit to the stock learning community." - Larry W.

Reply from Ken: Hey Larry - thanks very much... Right re the 55d chart and big swings... especially important in volatile markets like we're seeing lately. You make some excellent points re having enough info in the videos, I'll add that to new ones... in fact I've got an all-new series of videos coming out in addition to the previews to show traders. Thanks very much for the kind words!

July 17, 12:13PM

"Ken, Great video! Not only are you showing us your strategy, but ACTUALLY teaching us "how" to trade. It's one thing to give a fisherman a net and tell him/her to go's another thing to see the actual "Process" being done.

Little nuances of "where are the fish?", "what signs to look for", "how to properly use a net"....all add up to Success. We all heard the saying: "Feed a man a fish, feed him for a day..... Teach him to fish, feed him for life". This is the absolute truth!   Ken can "Teach a man to Trade, feed him for life...."

Thanks again, Frank T

July 17, 12:18PM

"It is nice to see instructions by someone who actually trades a real account and shows set-ups in real time and not on past performance. Anyone can look at a previous chart and say well I would have gotten in here and out here. etc.." - John L.

Reply from Ken: I absolutely agree with your point, John. It drives me nuts to see all the bs from "could've would've" vendors who aren't genuine traders. Seeing how to trade using actual trade examples from a real working trader can hopefully help traders turn the corner and become more successful, vs "blind leading the blind" approach we've seen in other ETF courses on the market, by slick vendors who can't even prove that they can actually trade successfully using what they're teaching.

July 17, 11:52AM


"Ken keeps his videos simple but very specific. Excellent risk management information as well as reasons for exits and enteries. Great teacher.." - Phillip B.

July 17, 11:34AM


"It looks great. Look forward to the complete system." - Dave W

July 17, 11:22AM


"I have been watching you trade your system and this year using etfs has beeen educational. I hear etf this and etf that everywhere. its nice to see a sound way to trade them .thanks for cutting to the chase . I can see how the etf trades fit right in to your system .

I really like using your teachings on stocks and look forward to applying it to etfs. looks like a great fit. In this fast moving market thanks for helping me kick it up to yet another level.
" - Sal S.

Reply from Ken: I appreciate it, Sal... good points re applying stock breakout and pivot techniques to ETF trading. There's many nuances and specific setups that are different, because of the differences in how ETFs trade (for example their ATRs/average ranges are more repeatable, and they don't have major gaps); so I show everyone exactly how to trade these differences in the ETF Mastery System.

July 17, 10:56AM


"Entries are always problamatic, but exits are where the real money is earned... anything i can learn to help with scanning and exits is appreciated." - Neil K.

July 17, 10:54AM


"Great position management through scaling in and out- very professional approach" - Harold H.

July 17, 10:16AM

"Hi Ken,
What I liked most about your video is how it explained every aspect you need to consider to become a successful trader.

To mention a few of those aspects, how you covered entries and exits and trailing stops, drawing in your trendlines, switching from different time frames to suit your trading style, how to read candle signals and patterns, identifying support and resistance areas, position sizing, risk to reward trade management skills, to mention but a few of the areas you covered, and when you put all your education together, you are ultimately able to build confidence with your trading abilty to achieve positive money making results.
" - Kaaren W.

Reply from Ken:Thanks, Kaaren — and that's just in the video previews. The mechanics of the trade, all the specifics (vs just showing a handful of indicators and cherry-picked examples, vs what actually works in real trading) as you've outlined are many of the strategies that traders will be shown in the ETF Mastery system. I like the list you've provided, it's an ideal outline for a solid ETF trading plan... thanks!

July 15, 1:12PM


"Good video with helpful ideas. Look forward to the preview for day trading etfs!" - Helen G.

July 13, 8:55AM


"Ken, I can't wait for the ETF Mastery series to come out. I liked your intro video and can't wait to see the preview videos. Keep me informed. Thank you." - Steve L.

July 11, 6:27PM


"so far looks and sounds very good..."
- Allan P.

Thanks for all your kind words, traders! It means a lot to me. Running these educational sites by myself means I need to ask for your help to let me know if I'm "on track" with what I'm publishing, so that's why I do surveys a lot and ask for your comments, to find out from you how to make these meet your needs best. Your comments are very much appreciated. Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients; testimonials are no guarantee of future performance nor success; no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.

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